Making joint blockchain
opportunities matter

We work with cities, communities, and industries to create token economies, build their platforms, and launch their offerings.

FluidMatters™ is a service & a suite of tools for


Looking to thrive in the 4th industrial revolution and better engage their citizens


businesses and ecosystems building rich experiences and incentive systems for their participants


exploring disintermediation
and disruptive innovation opportunities


FluidMatters(TM) service offering includes an end-to-end consulting, advisory and support process to help you, your organization (or your business!) to:
(1) scope & design, (2) kick-start, and then (3) monitor & manage your tokenized economy.

The whole offering is usually broken down into three stages, based on Fluid Chains’ process and includes access to FluidMatters(TM) suite of tools.

1. | Scope & design

Think Phase

FluidMatters(TM) services can help you properly design and scope your blockchain and tokenized economy project for maximum viability, relevance and impact. We can help you with strategy, design, market research and customer development for your project, as well as assist in token and architecture design.

2. | Kick-starting your tokenized economy

Readiness Phase

At this stage with we can assist your team in bullet-proofing and operationalizing your plans. That includes consulting and advisory services related to blockchain product and community, project planning, strengthening your team, go-to-market strategy and business model as well as setting up your initial operations.

3. | Advisory & support services

Execution Phase

Once your tokenized economy is launched, we can further assist you with ongoing FluidMatters(TM) advisory and consulting services for your business, organization or community. This includes access to our set of FluidMatters(TM) Suite of tools.

Suite of tools

  • provides new means of exchange tied to local development and internationalization of local communities that supplements established currency systems
  • brings efficiencies, revenues and savings and enables our customers to create economic value with transparency and accountability
  • creates incentives to attract talent and build better leaders

FluidMatters(TM) suite of tools will provide you with much more information about our tools

Tokenized economies

We follow an end-to-end process which maximizes the success rate, all the way from idea conception to roll-out and operation. See the projects with helped launch and grow.

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