About us

Fluid's Massive Transformative Purpose
blockchain projects

Fluid Chains have been founded in 2017 as a result of our shared belief that distributed ledger technologies (aka blockchains) can transform industries. Combining our decades of experience as founders, managers, researchers and engineers we realized that working together we can achieve a much bigger impact. In a similar way, Fluid aims to be your partner in integrating transformational power of blockchain into your organization.

​Working together we can create ventures with exponential scaling potential, sustainable business models and a higher purpose expressed through a MTP - ours focusing on helping you and your organization harness the opportunities presented by blockchain and maximize its positive impact. 

Founding Team

Cesar Castro

Growth and Management

Experienced corporate executive focusing on profitable growth, exponential organizations and impacting people's lives.

Nayib Kiuhan

Technical Lead

20+ years of experience leading wireless and information technology teams around the world. 

Kent Langley

Scalability and Governance

Serial entrepreneur, investor, international speaker and experienced technology executive

Michal Monit

Thinkering and delivery

PhD-Versatilist thriving at the intersection of innovation, design and entrepreneurship


Partners & Supporters

One of the key attributes of exponential organizations is the community and crowd. We could not get where we are without a broad network of supporters, partners, contributors and colleagues.

In particular, we are deeply embedded in the ExO Network ecosystem as well as keep close ties with the Singularity University alumni and YPO networks. 

Salim Ismail

World-acclaimed speaker, author and executive. Ex-VP Yahoo, Founding Executive Director of Singularity University and the ExO Foundation

Policarpo Guerrero

Founding Advisor
Digital cryptocurrency entrepreneur with focus on early stage operations. Former COO at Stratis and consultant to multiple crypto projects