Easier, faster and less error-prone

Digital Asset
Distribution System

Have you ever tried distributing digital assets to 100’s of users, make sure everyone is who they say they are, and ensure there are no errors in blockchain addresses? We did, and it was both painful and time-consuming. That’s how we developed DADA - our patent-pending Digital Asset Distribution Application.

We can help you set up token distributions in minutes and enable your users to claim those at their convenience. Identity verification and KYC is available straight out the box, and user protection and fault-tolerance is built-in from the start.

Why use DADA?

It’s easier and faster

Instead of a single person - your community manager doing all the time-consuming work, automate the digital asset distribution using our patent-pending DADA process.  

- create a distribution list
- notify participants using e-mail
- DADA will verify each users’ credentials without your intervention
- users will be able to claim their digital assets distribution at their convenience

Modular verification and KYC workflow(s)

When people interact online, it becomes really important to verify if the people are who they say they are. It takes time and a few interactions which, if done manually, can take days of back-and-forth confirmations with each single user. Also, you might be obliged to perform KYC/AML (know your customer and anti-money laundering) checks on the people to whom you distribute the assets. DADA can help with that:

- validate users’ e-mails
- validate users are who they say they are using our already implemented KYC integration (currently available for national identification documents issued in 180+ countries)
- if you need additional checks, that’s an option too (e.g. AML checks, using video to make sure it’s a real person, etc.)

Less Errors

If you send a blockchain transaction, that’s it. There no single person or institution which can help you get it back, so you better not make any errors! DADA can help with that, too.

- automate checks to make sure the users controls the receive address they provided
- provide fault tolerance for checks (i.e. a few failed attempts)
- maintain a dashboard of already claimed distributions

Enhanced data privacy

Storing asset or personal information in a centralized location invites hackers. DADA doesn’t do that. KYC and distribution information are handled separately and not stored in an unencrypted form. Also, no user can check others’ distributions without owning their credentials or the original distribution file(s).

- no centralized or unencrypted data storage
- additional security measures while handling user data during the KYC process
- distribution information processed on-device and non-accessible to non-users


How much does it cost?

Our current model is based on small fraction of distributed assets and some fiat, USD fee to cover KYC and associated costs. Also, depending on the level of required customization and the type of your blockchain, there might be a setup fee as well.

Does DADA work with all blockchains?

We serve a few blockchains now, for example: https://dist.exos.to/ Please reach out to us to check if your blockchain is covered too.

Can I customize things?

Yes, but it will come with a fee. Our patent-pending architecture is modular, so we can modify things starting from branding and colors, down to different KYC and authentication methods and providers. Reach out to us to learn more.

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