ExO Core wallet opens door to the Ethereum DeFi experience

October 11, 2021

Fluid Chains is pleased to announce the completion of the development and testing for the new fully integrated EXOS to wEXOS gateway, accessible to all members of the community from the EXOS-Core Wallet V1.0.21. The new gateway enables EXOS holders to bridge into wEXOS, an ERC-20 token fully compatible with Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.  It includes gateway’s daily limits, personal and minimum limits, timer setting for distributions, and more.

The testing was conducted in the Ethereum test network Ropsten, and beside the capability to bridge from EXOS to wEXOS it also included compatibility with Metamask mobile and browser based wallets. The testing environment was a great opportunity for the ExO Economy core team and the testers of the ExO Community to practice how to swap their native tokens to an ERC-20 token. The EXOS received at the gateway will be returned to the sending address at the end of the testing period.

The Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX binaries of the new EXO Core wallet, with the DeFi Gateway functionality enabled, are publicly available for download at ExO Economy Github. Members can find additional information, and zoom recordings showing the entire swapping process on the exos-to-wexos-help Discord channel.

An Uniswap liquidity pool (LP) has been linked to the testnet to illustrate and educate the community in the process to gain liquidity. This allows members to gain first hand experience with ethereum DeFi in a safe environment where the gas cost is limited to ETH in the Ropsten test network. In the upcoming days, we will be recording more demos, this time on how to swap tokens with Uniswap and a Liquidity Pool. 

A wEXOS smart contract and token are ready on the Ethereum mainnet - miniting and burning included. It is now up to OpenExO and the ExO community to connect and kick-start the Gateway on the Ethereum mainnet and mint and swap initial wEXOS. And once first wEXOS are there in circulation, users holding wEXOS will have the capability to create liquidity pools on the Ethereum mainnet using Uniswap. 

So far, it has been a great opportunity for the ExO community to learn about and test DeFi in a safe environment, using EXOS and the Ethereum Ropsten Network. Now, however, EXOS/wEXOS are ripe and ready to reach liquidity through the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, once the community is ready.