FluidMatters(™) Suite adds support for Ethereum DeFi and DEXs

July 13, 2021

Fluid Chains’ team bridges the ExO Transformation Economy with the biggest blockchain community - the Ethereum ecosystem.

ExO Economy, the global transformation economy, has been operating its own (EXOS) blockchain since 2018. The project is backed by Salim Ismail, Peter Diamandis, Ralph Merkle, and X Prize. While there is adoption and existing use cases within the internal community, other blockchain ecosystems have larger user bases with even more opportunities to drive positive impact. Ethereum is one of them.

In practical terms, the bridge solution creates and handles an Ethereum token (called wEXOS or “wrapped EXOS”) while a secure gateway is responsible for converting and faithfully reflecting the (w)EXOS tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The bridge allows the ExO community to reach out to millions of Ethereum users, and platforms built on Ethereum can utilize wEXOS in their DeFi products.

Fluidmatters(™) now supports interoperability with Ethereum.

FluidMatters(™) Suite helps customers build and deploy new blockchain implementations by accelerating time-to-market rapidly. Now, FluidMatter(™) Suite also enables companies to keep all the benefits of their own, stand-alone blockchains while also connecting with and tapping into millions of users in the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Bridging allows users to transform their native tokens into tokens compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, specifically, the ERC20 standard. Several steps were necessary for the bridge to function properly, including creating and operating automated agreements that adequately lock, release, distribute, mint, and burn tokens on the appropriate blockchains. 

“We recognize the urgency for social tokens projects to reach mass audiences, and we are  committed to enabling an agile Go-To-Market to our customers without compromising the security and stability of the developed software.” Cesar Castro, Fluid Chains Co-Founder. 

The main subsystems added to FluidMatter software “bridge” are as follows:

● An automated Gateway managing swaps between native and ERC20 tokens
● Updates to native Core wallet, based on the C# Blockcore bitcoin implementation
● A “wrapped” smart contract on the Ethereum mainnet
● Additional smart contract(s) necessary for the interoperability of native social tokens with DEXes (UniSwap 3.0)

“Each of those components undergoes unit tests as well as integrity tests on the appropriate test nets before main net deployment.”  Nayib Kiuhan, Fluid Chains CTO and Principal Blockchain Architect.

FluidMatters(™) end-to-end process and software suite maximize the success rate, all the way from idea conception to roll-out and operation, enabling users to unlock the power of blockchain technology immediately.

The main components of FluidMatters(™) comprehensive software suite are the following: Blockchain Betanet, Blockchain Genesis, Full Staking Nodes / Staking Wallet, Cloud Wallet, Blockchain Global Heat Map, Blockchain Explorer, Blockchain Statistics, Digital Asset Distribution Application - DADA and now the new Ethereum DeFi and DEX bridge.

Fluid Chains always combined the ExO framework with blockchain. 

We’ve been avid supporters of the EXOS blockchain project from its early stage and ended up developing and maintaining the project over the years. Fluid Chains is also in close collaboration with BlockCore (the group supporting the new EXOS Full Node) and has been following developments at Stratis (one for the key predecessors of the EXOS code base).

Fluid Chains always works hard for its clients, and we look forward to having a mutually beneficial collaboration.

About Fluid Chains 

Fluid Chains facilitates and supports Transformational and Blockchain for impact Projects.  Fluid Chains is a blockchain and Exponential Organizations (ExO) Technology solution provider behind ExO Economy, Rutanio, Divergenti, Certifico, and FluidMatters.

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