Fluid Chains Partners with OpenExO, Rutanio, and UnifyIT to Explore Social Tokens Innovation

May 31, 2021

The Social Token Meetup will take place during the Miami Bitcoin Week 2021.

The Exponential Organizations (ExO) community will reunite in an hybrid event, hosted at The Lab Miami and broadcasted via the ExO World platform as well as partners’ social channels. The goalー to explore the concept of social and community tokens while sharing and celebrating high impact use cases of EXOS and RUTAS tokens. 

Additionally, this meetup plans to further connect the global EXO Economy, Rutanio, and sister economies with Miami's innovative Blockchain movement. This great event will also connect Miami DAO, a Miami based project supporting financial inclusion, with ExO community members worldwide. 

Social and Community Tokens

The widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and their maturing ecosystems have paved the way for the Web 3.0. Decentralized Ledger Technologies  (DLTs) and Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are enabling this internet of value. DLTs, like Blockchain, provide the geek economy ways to invent new peer 2 peer systems and business models. DAOs bring a new form of governing community projects. 

Social tokens derive their value from the growth of shared communities and create an entirely new way to power the creator economy. Community Tokens, a type of social token,  are created for memberships or communities. For example, the ExO Economy is the global emerging economy of the OpenExO community. Rutanio accelerates and connects communities and people around innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Celebrating EXOS and RUTAS Use Cases

Members of the ExO community will present a diverse set of use cases, which run in the Exo Economy or Rutanio’s blockchains. These cases have effectively created regional community engagement, SDGs, and exponential applications. They are Exo Women Latam, Rutas Academy, Oceanexo, CERTIFICO, Rutanio marketplace, and the OpenExO platform. 

The ExO Social Token Grant  

As part of the partnership, the organizers of Social Token Meetup created The “ExO Social Token Grant,” which will recognize and aid local South Florida high impact innovators working to solve the world’s toughest challenges. The grant was originally created as part of the Miami Bitcoin week and provides up to 10,000 EXOS and 100,000 RUTAS to each fellow.

The Grant Council selected the following five local high impact organizations as grantees for the 2021 ExO Social Token Grant Award:

OpenExO is the global transformation ecosystem that started in 2014 with the book “Exponential Organizations”. ExO is now a global ecosystem with more than 8000 members active in 132 countries.

The ExO Economy is transforming the World Economy for a better future. EXOS is a cryptographic token that provides a way to access the capabilities of the ExO Ecosystem required for transformation in the face of disruption. It's used in places like the OpenExO Platform to deliver transformational impact.

Rutanio accelerates the innovation ecosystem and connects local communities with the world. Rutanio originated as a means of exchange and a complementary token for the innovation ecosystem in Medellin articulated by Ruta N. Today Rutanio connects more than 20 countries in Latin America with the world.

Divergenti is a sister economy of EXOS founded in Chile, facilitating abundant knowledge to create thriving communities. They focus on connecting SMEs with the best talent in Latin America.

UnifyIT - We are your Industry 4.0 partner at the intersection of tech community, impact and accelerated growth.

Fluid Chains facilitates and supports Transformational and Blockchain for impact Projects.  Fluid Chains is a blockchain and Exponential Organizations (ExO) Technology solution provider behind ExO Economy, Rutanio, Divergente, Certifico, and FluidMatters.