Both Organizations to Collaborate in Blockchain Acceleration Projects
The ExO Foundation, a public benefit corporation committed to positive social change and migrating society to abundance, announced it has reached an agreement to acquire approximately 20 percent of Fluid Chains, a global blockchain accelerator based in Florida, U.S.A.

The agreement solidifies the ongoing collaboration between ExO Foundation and Fluid Chains to make transformational technologies, such as blockchain, accessible to private organizations, governments and individuals worldwide.

The ExO Foundation, a social transformation organization founded by Salim Ismail, former Executive Director and Global Ambassador for Singularity University, and author of the bestselling business book, Exponential Organizations, convenes a global network of consultants that help companies, institutions and people adapt, stay competitive, and grow in a world disrupted by accelerating technologies.

Fluid Chains was founded by a group of ExO consultants currently implementing real use case projects for blockchain technology across different geographies and industries. Fluid Chains has a portfolio of clients in the Americas and Europe and is currently assisting them to consolidate and accelerate blockchain initiatives.

Fluid Chains will leverage ExO Foundation’s connected network and organizational frameworks for leveraging accelerating technologies for positive change. In turn, the partnership will empower the ExO Foundation with expanded technological capabilities and accelerate the process of applying blockchain technologies to the many projects with which is it involved.

“Fluid Chains provides innovative, forward-leaning companies with a clear competitive advantage when launching projects involving the building, implementation and championing of accelerating technologies,” said Salim Ismail, Chairman and CEO, ExO Foundation. “Having them within the ExO Foundation family will keep that expertise close, as we assemble a wide breadth of capabilities in pursuit of solving some of biggest challenges facing organizations, institutions and people.”

“We are excited to welcome Salim Ismail and the ExO Foundation into Fluid Chains. This collaboration represents an enormous opportunity to tap into the ExO ecosystem and Salim’s expertise to accelerate the reach of exciting disruptive technologies, such as blockchain and crypto assets, to projects and organizations that otherwise would not have access to these new innovations” said Cesar Castro, managing partner at Fluid Chains “The common goals and vision of our two organizations will translate into an abundance of opportunities for all involved.”

ExO Foundation Takes 20 percent Stake in Fluid Chains
Fluid Chains is a blockchain project accelerator with offices in Miami, San Francisco, and London. It also leverages a global network of specialists. The Fluid Chains Process is a full service blockchain acceleration program encompassing design, business, technology, training, and marketing. Fluid Chains makes the application of blockchain to new and existing businesses a smooth path towards exponential growth.

About ExO Foundation 
The ExO Foundation is a public benefit corporation committed to positive social change. The Foundation convenes a global ecosystem that empowers organizations, institutions and people with the community and technology resources, tools, and structures essential to migrating society to abundance.

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